The Mint Literary Agency is based in Nelson, British Columbia. We represent authors from across Canada and, quite naturally, have a special interest in developing writers from the Kootenays.

We represent literary and commercial fiction, including mystery, thrillers, narrative nonfiction, and lifestyle. We do not represent children’s stories or picture books, young adult fiction, fantasy, science fiction, poetry or screenplays.

As to that sometimes rocky path to stardom and what we do… we try to clear the path for you.  When you submit material to us – and please check submissions for what we want to see – we read, we evaluate… if we think it’s as wonderful as you do, we’ll proceed.  It will probably need some work before it’s ready to be offered to publishers, most manuscripts do, and we’ll work with you to get to that point. Then, when we find a publisher as excited as we are, we’ll negotiate your contract and make sure your interests are protected.  Post-publication, we’ll remain vigilant on your behalf, monitoring marketing and sales.

When we sign an author, we are signing on for the long term.  Our mission is to
help our authors build successful careers.